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"we are family"
Sascha Gaschen.jpg

Sasha Gaschen

Chef, owner & managing director Seepintli GmbH

I warmly welcome you to the Seepintli. You can usually find me in the Pintli kitchen. But sometimes I can also be found in service. I look forward to welcoming you personally to Pintli soon.

Monica Fiechter

service specialist

Hello and a warm welcome to us at the beautiful Lake Biel. I'm Monika and Ruth's "little" sister, so I'm also Sascha & Ramon's aunt. So if you hear on site how lovingly the "Tantä" is asked for, then I would be meant. I look forward to welcoming you personally to Pintli soon. 

Monika Fiechter.jpg
Ruth Gaschen.jpg
Service specialist, cook

Hello and welcome to Pintli. I am Sascha & Ramon's mother and you can usually find me on Wednesday mornings in the Seepintli. But I can also often be found as a guest in the Seepintli, especially in the morning coffee. There is nothing better than starting the day with a delicious coffee, croissants and the daily newspaper. I look forward to meeting you soon at Seepintli. 

Ruth Gaschen


We can always count on our hard-working helpers for catering and other external events.

Armin Gaschen
Nathalie Gaschen
Janis Gaschen
Ramiro Guderzo
Ursula Künzli
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